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Main Market

The London Stock Exchange’s Main Market is the world’s most international market for the listing and trading of equity, debt and other securities. Its location at the heart of the world’s leading financial centre makes it the ideal home to over 1,600 companies from 60 countries, including many of the world’s largest, most successful and most dynamic companies.

Primary Listing
The Main Market offers companies the choice between a primary listing and a secondary listing. A primary listing requires a company to meet the highest standards of regulation and disclosure in Europe; it is not necessarily that company’s first or sole listing.

A primary listing means the company is expected to meet the UK’s gold standard – described as super-equivalent to the EU directives and implemented as part of the Financial Services Action Plan - and as a consequence may enjoy a lower cost of capital through greater investor involvement. A company which is already listed in its home jurisdiction may choose a primary listing in the UK without relinquishing its home listing. Only ordinary shares can have a primary listed. Debt and Depositary Receipts (DR’s) cannot.

Secondary Listing
A secondary listing allows issuers to access the Main Market while meeting EU harmonised standards as opposed to the full ‘super-equivalent’ requirements. Equity and DR’s can be secondary listed, although this option is not available to UK incorporated companies.

A secondary listing does not automatically mean a company’s second listing, rather it signifies that the company has chosen to meet EU harmonised standards as opposed to the UK super-equivalent standards required by a primary listing. Secondary listings are typically only offered to professional investors.

All Companies on the London Stock Exchange
For information on the all companies listed on the LSE, please CLICK HERE (as at 31.01.09).

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